Plantain gnocchi


Plantains 500g
Water 120ml
Cassava starch 70g
Salt Qb
Urucum powder 3g
Brazil nut oil 20ml

Burnt butter

Butter 200g

Banana leaf oil
Banana leaf 20g
Brazil Nut Oil 60ml

Banana shell
6 unids

Banana skin
Mashed banana 100g
Sea salt Qb

Brazil nut 30g


Roast the unpeeled plantains in the oven at 180 º C for 10 mins. Remove the shell, and the shell keep. Process the bananas to turn a very smooth puree. Season with salt.
Mix the tapioca starch with water and set aside.
In a pan, cook the mashed banana, and slowly add the tapioca starch, stirring constantly. Add the oil and the urucum powder. Remove from heat and store in refrigeration. remove from the refrigerator and give the desired format. 

Burnt Butter
Place the butter in a skillet and cook until caramelized. She will stay with brown tone and flavor of nuts.

Banana leaf oil
Toast the banana leaf on a skillet and set aside.
Mix the toasted banana leaf with the oil and put into a vaccum bag. Cook it for 40 mins a 50ºc. set aside.

Banana shell

Coloque as cascas de banana abertas em uma assadeira e leve ao forno para secar por 40 mins a 130ºc.

Banana skin
In a silpat, place the mashed banana and spread until very thin. Season with salt and bake in an oven at 120 º C for 40 mins

In the banana peel, place portions of banana gnocchi, drizzle with burnt butter, banana leaf oil and garnish with the banana skin and grated nuts.