Suckling lamb shoulder with mountain flowers

Paolo Donei

1 shoulder of suckling lamb
300 g of reduced lamb base
20 g of dried mountain flowers (calendula, heather, camomile, mallow)
30 g of heather honey or fir honeydew
8 cl of Marzemino
400 g of whole white turnips
Vegetable carbon
Cherry wood shavings
500 g of yellow onion
4 g of agar
Garda extra virgin olive oil
Serpillo thyme


Bone the lamb shoulder and marinate it with mountain flowers, honey, a little extra virgin olive oil, some sprigs of Serpillo thyme and a clove of garlic in its skin. Place the meat in a vacuum bag and cook in a steam oven at 85 °C for 3 hours. When cooked, dry the meat and place it in a smoking oven with the carbon and the cherry wood shavings, and heat it to 70 °C. Meanwhile, cook the turnips, keeping their inflorescences. Toss then in a pan and add salt and pepper to taste.

Stew the onions to obtain a purée and add the agar. Cool everything and whisk the onion gel with an electric whisk, incorporating the extra virgin olive oil.

Gently fry the lamb in hot oil and place it on the inflorescences of the turnips, adding a few drops of onion gel and a few flowers, coating with the Marzemino-flavoured cooking juices.