The unusual vegetable garden

Chiara Patracchini


For the syrup
700 g of water
500 g of sugar

For the black sesame powder
20 g of black sesame paste
15 g of tapioca

For the candied vegetables
10 g of Romanesco broccoli
5 g of carrots
7 g of pumpkin
2 g of black olives
2 g of capers
6 g of scallion
9 g of cauliflower
6 g of fennel

For the garnish
Candied vegetables
Fresh goat's milk ricotta
Black sesame powder
Maldon salt
Vegetable sprouts





For the syrup
Add the water to the sugar and bring to the boil.

For the black sesame powder
Add the tapioca to the black sesame paste, mixing with a whisk. Then sieve and set to one side for the preparation of the dish.

For the candied vegetables
Chop the vegetables and cook them in slightly salted water. Drain and toss them for 2 minutes in the sugar syrup prepared earlier.

For the garnish
Heat the goat's milk ricotta in a steam oven, pipe it onto a plate using an icing bag and add the vegetables and sprouts. Sprinkle with the black sesame powder, Maldon salt and sprouts.