Milk curd, “D’O” caviar and golden pear

Davide Oldani

For 4 people

Milk curd
1 l of fresh whole milk
20 g of liquid rennet
500 g of salted boiling water
1 g of grated lime zest

“D’O” caviar
50 g of tapioca pearls
200 ml of water
5 g of cuttlefish ink
10 g of Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil
1 g of fine salt

Golden pear
80 g of pear cubes
40 g of sugar

Milk curd
Heat the milk in a pan to 37 °C with the grated lime zest. Take off the heat, add the liquid rennet and leave to curdle for 8 minutes. Cut the curds. Pour over the salted boiling water and leave to flavour for 5 minutes. Use a draining spoon to place it in perforated cheese moulds. Leave to drain in the fridge for at least 6 hours, over a rack.

“D’O” caviar
Cook the tapioca with the water for about 5 minutes, cool well under running water, drain and dress with the cuttlefish ink extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Golden pear
Caramelise the sugar, add the pear cubes, cook for 3 minutes and cool.

Turn the milk curd out of the mould and place in a bowl. Top with the "D'O" caviar and garnish with the golden pear.