Piatti downunder

Delicacies from Australia and New Zealand told by Cinzia Piatti


Vegetable garden guerrilla

GAS, CSA and Guerrilla Gardeners: new ways of shared cultivation and food distribution


An entire edible city: it’s not a dream that could never come true but Pam Warhurst’s ambitious project called Incredible Edible. In Todmorden, in England, she managed to get local authorities and citizens involved in the creation of many spaces for shared cultivation

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New Zealand, new market

From Farmers’ Markets to synergistic vegetable gardens. Where food ends and taste begins


Even in New Zealand, farmers’ market are spreading: they don’t just offer the opportunity to buy products in places that are alternative to mass market distribution, but they are also aggregation places, where people can share their knowledge of agriculture which can then be put into practice by the consumer itself

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Fleur's Place: an ode to tranquillity

In the small village of Moeraki, in New Zealand, there’s a restaurant full of charm


In order to reach it, you need to follow picturesque small roads that are perhaps a little winding: upon arriving, however, one is repaid by the discreet beauty of the bay of Moeraki. Here, there’s Fleur's Place (+64.3.4394480), run by New Zealander chef Fleur Sullivan, who with her local fish based dishes has conquered even English chef Rick Stein (Photo credits

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The Earth whisperer

The story of Jim O’Gorman, one of the most highly regarded (and listened to) organic producers in New Zealand


Jim O' Gorman, New Zealander from Kakabui, South Island, (photo credits, is the founder of the sustainable organization Dirt Doctor and one of the main protagonists in the 'Earth Whisperers' documentary. His products are largely requested by restaurateurs and authorities

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Walking in Hawke’s Bay

During New Zealander summer, a region shines thanks to it excellent wines and good food


A view of Hawke's Bay, one of New Zealand’s 16 regions, on the East Coast of North Island. In this area, wine orders around and restaurants aren’t joking either. The region’s capital is Napier (photo credits

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1024 North Island

Dining in hot Hastings, in New Zealand. Specialties, vegetables


The entrance to Restaurant 1024 (Ten Twenty Four) in Pakowhai, North Island, New Zealand, right outside
Hastings, tel. +64.(0)6.8706440. 40 people seating, with everything controlled by chef-patron Kent Baddeley previously working at the renowned Petit Lyon restaurant in Wellington

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The taste of Austral spring

Enjoying some beautiful moments at Saffron in Arrowtown, a beautiful town at the end of the world


The entrance to Saffron, in Arrowtown, in Central Otago’s Strand. The restaurant, which seems to have come out of a 19th century postcard, has its strong point in desserts: goat cheese sorbet with dates soaked in amaretto, tel. +64.(0)3.4420131

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