Beetroot gnocchi, Savoy herb gateau, Grana Padano

Emmanuel Renaut

For 8 people

Savoy herb gateau
100 g of clean chervil and parsley
150 g of water
50 g of butter
100 g of flour
5 g of chemical yeast
3 eggs
4 g of salt

Beetroot gnocchi
1.5 kg of raw red beetroots
250 g of potatoes
50 g of flour
Maldon salt
Grana Padano
100 g of butter (50+50)
150 g of pulse stock (50+100)
1 soft egg



Savoy herb gateau
Place the parsley and chervil in a blender with boiling water and butter and blend. Add the flour and yeast, eggs and then the salt. Blend again, filtering through a Chinoise sieve, and pour the mixture into a siphon, using two cartridges. Keep in the fridge.
When ready to serve, garnish 1/3 of a plastic cup with the siphon and cook in a microwave on maximum power for about 45 seconds.

Beetroot gnocchi
Juice the raw beetroots, setting 100 g of juice to one side for the sauce. Peel the potatoes and cut them into large pieces, then cook them with the beetroot juice until it boils. Drain and sieve. Mix the potatoes with the flour and butter using a spatula, and dress.
Make the gnocchi, rolling up the dough into a cylinder shape and cutting it into traditional gnocchi. Plunge them into boiling, slightly salted water. Drain them as soon as they rise to the surface.
Glaze the gnocchi with the beetroot juice, 50 g of pulse stock and 50 g of butter. Season with salt.
Heat the beetroot juice set to one side together with the rest of the pulse stock. Cream the butter (50 g) and season to taste. Add the soft egg, and blend without cooking it in order to obtain a mousse (the soft egg replaces the lecithin).

Place the gnocchi in a bowl and add some scales of Grana Padano and a piece of herb gateau. Pour over the mousse and sprinkle with Maldon salt.
Decorate as preferred.