Sweet and acid pomegranate with chirimoya ice-cream

Maria Josè San Román

800 ml of pomegranate juice
500 g of chirimoya (remove the pulp and separate the seeds)
5 sheets of gelatine (rinse in cold water)
50 ml of lemon juice
80 g of Procrema
50 ml Almibar syrup TPT
300 g of sugar
100 mg of xanthan
1 g of saffron
250 ml of saffron water (1 g/1 l)


For the saffron xanthan
Add 1 g of saffron to 1 l of water. Cook for 4 hours at 65 °C. Strain and add the xanthan to thicken.

For the ice-cream
Mix the chirimoya pulp with the water, 80 g of Procrema and 80 g of sugar. Process in the ice-cream maker.

For the sponge
Place 350 g of cold pomegranate juice in the kitchen aid with the lemon juice. Dilute 4 sheets of gelatine in 50 g of syrup. Pour into the machine a little at a time and whisk for 20 minutes until the mixture doubles in volume. Pour into a mould and keep frozen.

For the pomegranate syrup
Dilute a sheet of gelatine with 150 g of pomegranate juice. Place in the fridge.

For the pomegranate caramel
Cook 300 g of pomegranate juice and cook until it reaches a caramel consistency.

Cut 3 pieces of sponge and place them on a plate on the jelly. Add the ice-cream, pomegranate seeds and liquid caramel. Add the saffron xanthan.