Sergio Colalucci

Gelateria Colalucci

piazza del Mercato, 13
Nettuno (Roma)
T. + 39.06.98575005

Sergio Colalucci studied and decided: «when I grow up, I want to be a draughtsman». But his life was to revolve around the world of ice-cream. Towards the end of the 1980’s he joined his father, an ice-cream maker, replacing him, in 1990, in the family business, which he runs together with his brother. From then on he began to invest in himself to learn more about the sector and had an enlightening encounter with master ice-cream maker Luca Caviezel, followed by other illustrious personalities of the world of artisan ice-cream. Fuelled with a desire to learn more and learn better, he took part in training courses, targeted studies in dietary science and nutrition, and round tables with Italian and foreign colleagues in leading companies in the sector.

In 2004, he came third in the contest Gelato in Tavola and in 2006 he won the ice-cream world cup. A member of the national directive Cogel Fipe, with just a few, selected colleagues and friends he exchanged impressions and suggestions, and discovering and investigating new frontiers. His laboratory houses constant experiments and the search for new flavours, tastes, perfumes, combinations. Ice-cream in its infinite varieties can be made and enriched with everything nature offers, selected ingredients to transform and enhance with the “something extra special” that will make it unique and innovative.

The long-standing challenge: keeping pace with the development of technology and the organisation of work which makes it possible to operate on an increasingly improved basis without forgetting the importance of the artisan tradition that makes every product unique and often unrepeatable. Doing what you believe in every day with great honesty and passion is a source of immense joy. And so the pencil Sergio uses every day doesn’t draw the houses he thought he’d be designing but writes the recipes of tomorrow.

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