Niimori Nobuya

crediti: Brambilla - Serrani

crediti: Brambilla - Serrani

Sushi B

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Chef Niimori Nobuya was born in Tokyo in 1973. Ever since he was a child he was passionate about cooking and after finishing his restaurant studies he worked as chef for eight years in Italian restaurants in Japan.

This experience caused him a profound love and curiosity for Italy, so much so he decided to move to our country. Here his first professional experience was first at Trattoria Donnini in Bagno a Ripoli, then at Madonnina del Pescatore, Moreno Cedroni’s restaurant in Senigallia, and after that at Da Franco in Palau, Sardinia.

After this initial itinerating period around Italy, he arrives in Milan where he conquers the role of Sous Chef at restaurant Don Carlos inside the Grand Hotel de Milan, under the consultancy of Alfredo Russo (chef at Dolce Stilnovo, in Venaria Reale). His career then takes him back to his home country and has him work in Japanese restaurants Kiyo and Nobu Armani, always in Milan.

Finally the last stop, at least for now, for Niimori Nobuya, again marked by Japanese cuisine. Today he’s in fact the Executive Chef at Sushi B, one of the most recent arrivals in the now crowded Japanese culinary scene in Milan, where he offers a wide menu in which classics meet with dishes born from the fusion with Italian raw materials and techniques.

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