Pancake of the blood with the offal from the roe deer, dried butter & raw apple & lingonberries

Björn Frantzén

For 4 people

200g potatoes
50g of roe deer blood
15g potato flour
3 eggs
200g roe deer liver
50g maltosec (Sosa product)
15g melted butter
1 red apples
150g lingon berries
100g sugar
1 white onion
butter for frying


Boil the potatoes, peal them and pass them through a sieve, Blend it with blood, potato flour, salt, 1 whole egg and egg white from 2 eggs.
Mix the maltosec with the butter, add it slowly.
Fry the onion gold brown, add the sugar, cook to a caramel, then add the lingon berries and cock to 108C. Stir constantly. Mix it and let it set for an hour in the fridge.
Fry the blood smear in to round little pancakes.
Fry the liver in butter, to a temperature of 57C. Leave it to rest.
Serve the pancake with a slice of of liver, dried butterpowder, thin slice of apple and lingon berrie jam.