Celeriac cooked in salt crust


Dehydrated salted crust celeriac
Celeriac foam
Fermented celeriac
Fresh buttermilk cheese
Beurre Noisette
Aged celeriac cheese*

*for aged celeriac cheese:
1 litre fresh cream
1litre fresh milk
Reserved salt crust celeriac



For the salt crust celeriac
To make the salt crust mix 3kilo of white flour, 3kilo of coarse salt, 150g oil and 1450g water in a mixer for 8 minutes until the "dough" comes together. Roll out to an even thickness, approx 1cm, take a celeriac and mould the salt crust around it, making sure not to have an air pockets .
Blow torch the salt crust so it hardens and creates a protective shell before cooking. We cook it in the open fire of the restaurant during the service period continualy moving it so it cooks evenly. Once cooked we remove the skin and dehydrate overnight (6 hours) and then let rest in the fridge before slicing thinly on the slicer, keep the left over that is too small to slice and cut finely and dehydrate until very dry, blitz into a rough powder for using in the aged cheese.

Celeriac foam
Juice celeriacs, bring juice to the boil to clarify and pass through a muslin cloth, reduce until the flavor intensives, finish blitzing with butter and adding salt.

Fermented celeriac
Peel celeriac, cut into julienne. Juice enough celeriac to cover the julienne, add 2% salt to your juice (dissolving the salt in a small amount of juice before adding all together). Place julienne in a sterilized jar and cover with juice, leave at room temperature for a few months or until it reaches desired fermentation, then store in a cool place.

Fresh buttermilk cheese
Place buttermilk in a pan and slowly bring to simmer, as it comes up it will begin to split, remove the "curds" that appear and hang through a muslin cloth.

Beurre noisette
Noisette butter to a dark brown colour, take off the heat and add sherry vinegar. (make sure to do this in a high pan for allow for expansion when you add the vinegar.)

Aged celeriac cheese
Heat the cream and milk to 35 degrees celcius, turn off the heat and add 5-6 drops of rennet while slowly and gently moving with a spatula. Let stand at room temperature for 6 hours and then pass off through a muslin cloth and let drain in the fridge for 3-4 days. Take a fresh muslin cloth, sprinkle with the powered celeriac salt, place the fresh cheese on the salt and sprinkle with more salt, wrap in the muslin and hang at 12-14 degrees for 3-4 weeks, remove the muslin cloth and continue to age at 12 degrees for 1-2 months, when it reaches the desired flavor it can be sous vide to hold longer.