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The timeless Uovo in raviolo

The recipe of the legendary dish from San Domenico in Imola, an alchemy that conquers generation after generation

08-02-2019 | 11:00

Uovo in raviolo from San Domenico in Imola, a dish by Nino BergeseValentino Marcattilii and, now, Massimiliano Mascia

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Midnight pasta

Sicilian Martina Caruso sets the rules for large quantity first courses


Inside the restaurant at hotel Signum in Malfa, on the island of Salina (Messina), you help yourself from a large pot of Busiate pasta with tomato like that in the photo. Cooking large pots of pasta is hardly easy. But chef chef Martina Caruso gives us some useful tip

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Ciaolà for Rio 2016, here’s the recipe

A mousse and four sauces in different colours: here’s how Davide Oldani recreated the Olympic torch

09-07-2016 | 13:00

Here’s the recipe for Ciaolà, the dish Davide Oldani, Sport and food ambassador of the Italian team in the Olympics, created in view of Rio de Janeiro 2016. It unites a mousse and four sauces in different colours, stylising the Olympic torch

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The rabbit wrapped in the chicken skin

A visit to Ana Roš in Slovenia. Finding out about a transgender main course. With no borders

25-05-2016 | 06:00

The Rabbit that wanted to become a chicken, a brand new dish in the menu of Slovenian restaurant Hiša Franko in Kobarid, a main course that depicts the talent of Ana Roš, a chef who is making the spotlights point on the gastronomy of an often neglected country (photo by Zanatta)

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How to make the dish of the year

Matias Perdomo presents the story and preparation of "Ricchezza e Povertà", awarded at Identità Milano


The Dish of the year award at Identità Milano was given to Ricchezza e Povertà [Richness and Poverty] of Uruguayan Matias Perdomo, chef at Contraste in Milan. The person directly involved tells us its story and preparation

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All about ramen

In Japan, it’s been “starred” for the first time. In Milan there’s Zazà Ramen telling us about its secrets

27-12-2015 | 12:00

Ramen is a popular dish in Japanese cuisine, today made nobler thanks to excellent preparations, so much so that for the first time, a restaurant in Tokyo was awarded with a star. In Milan the point of reference is Zazà Ramen, where we took this photo

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Four cocktails for Christmas

Fabiano Omodeo, barman at Identità Expo, recommends some perfect drinks for the holidays

24-12-2015 | 12:00

This Kir Martini is a classic Martini cocktail sweetened with crème de cassis, which is also part of the decoration. It’s one of the four cocktails that Fabiano Omodeo presents in view of the coming holiday toasts

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