Tribute to Pirangi (little village near Sao Paolo)

Rodrigo Oliveira

For 24 people

For the Caju or Cashew confit
24 fresh Cajus or Cashews
500 g of sugar
1,000 ml of water
3 grains of monkey pepper (Pimenta de Macaco)
1 star anise
3 Umburana seeds (tree from South America)

For the dulche de leche
500 g of artisan dulce de leche
100 g of fresh coconut milk

For the Caju foam
500 ml of Caju juice
4 g (or 2 leaves) of colourless gelatine

For the cashew toffee crumble
250 g of Biju manioc flour
100 g of "bottled" butter (typical Brazilian butter cream)
500 g of cashews
Unrefined salt


For the Caju or Cashew confit
Use a small knife to make holes in the Cajus so they can be pressed for their juice. Set the juice to one side to make a sorbet.
Make the caramel with the sugar and water. Cook until the sugar dissolves completely. Add the Caju juice and the spices. Cook until the spices have softened and the syrup is just right. Set to one side.

For the dulche de leche
Add the dulce de leche to the coconut milk, mixing to obtain a smooth, even consistency. Set to one side.

For the Caju foam
Rehydrate the gelatine and dissolve it in half the heated Caju juice. Then add the rest of the juice. Place the mixture in a siphon and keep it in the fridge for at least 6 hours. Take two siphon charges and place them in the fridge.

For the cashew toffee crumble
Heat the butter in a pan and cook the Biju flour until golden. Set to one side.
Crush the cashews with a pestle and mortar and gradually incorporate the flour.
Add the unrefined salt to taste.

Gently fry the confit cashews in a non-stick pan and arrange them on a serving plate.
Serve a small portion of dulce de leche and cashew crumble, topping with the Caju foam.