Peppe Guida

crediti: Brambilla - Serrani

crediti: Brambilla - Serrani

Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa

via Privata Bonea, 4
Vico Equense (Napoli)
t: +39.081.8799055 


Peppe fai tu [Peppe you’re in charge] is the name of the substantial tasting menu presented by chef Peppe Guida at Antica Osteria di Nonna Rosa, the nice restaurant he opened in 1994 in an old wing of his father’s 18th century home in Vico Equense, dedicated to his mother who’s still working in the kitchen beside him and is the author of superb preserves. A name – that of the menu – that anticipates trust and conviviality, inspired by the many requests of his affectionate clients who trust his skills without even thinking of what he will serve: whatever the outcome, may it be fish, meat or pasta, it will certainly be special. We’re in Sorrento’s Peninsula, indeed, yet at Osteria you can’t see the sea. No regret, because Peppe knows how to serve it in the plate in the less banal way, often choosing poor fish (such as saurel) presented in elegant, surprising, essential and at the same time substantial recipes.

His cooking is rooted in the local popular tradition and manages to be contemporary, made nobler by impeccable preparations, great raw materials – often coming from the family farm – and a few strokes of genius. We saw him prepare a sensational first course – pasta is his other “dimension” par excellence – using (excellent) scraps of fish left by a foreign chef who wasn’t very used to a cooking based on “recuperating” raw materials. Yet in his culinary DNA there’s meat too, since he had launched the Osteria as a rosticceria and grill, and now dreams of going back to preparing meat on a skewer as in the past.

Born in 1965, Peppe was not predestined. He found himself in the kitchen partly by chance, partly as an adventure. When he was little over twenty, while he was deciding what to do, he happened to be in Bermuda cooking in a hotel where a friend of his was working, improvising as a chef with lots of satisfaction, for him and the guests. Ever since, he continued along this road, acquiring some experience in restaurants in the Gulf – from Capri to Sirenuse in Positano – before returning to Vico and opening his restaurant. A proud self-taught chef, he states he doesn’t follow any school if not what he likes. Today, he’s got beside him his young son Francesco, an exceptional yeast expert, and his daughter Rossella.

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