Gianni Zaghetto

Pasticceria Racca

via Pietro Fortunato Calvi, 8
35122 Padova
+39049 875 9855

He’s the stylist. She is the costume designer. «My wife and I area a good match. I make the cakes. She dresses them, creating the perfect context. Because in all that we do we create a leitmotiv. By studying and building everything to measure, as in the finest tailoring», says Gianni Zaghetto, at the helm of Pasticceria Racca in Padua with his wife Monica LazzariniGianni was born in Padua, in 1965. «My parents were restaurateurs. My father Severino had a restaurant, so I decided to attend catering school, and specialised in dining room and bar tending». And indeed Gianni opened a bar in 1982. Then he launched an ice cream shop and, in 1990, he took over the historic Racca, established in 1933. He transformed it into an elegant and modern boutique. «We constantly change setting. Based on the season. Tracing a leitmotiv between sweet offer and visual».

haute couture pastry shop, where every smallest detail is thought over so as to create some real collections: of single-portion ice-creams, macarons, brioches and croissants, jams and marmalades, pastries, as well as pralines and biscuits-chocolates. Which reach their peak in the Couture Racca Chocolate griffe, confirming their exclusiveness. «In fact, I don’t have a favourite chocolate. I love all my products», Gianni reveals. And has Meteor, a celestial sphere in triple version, fall on earth. Always remaining faithful to a crumble fine-tuned with Petra 5 flour: Ivoire white chocolate from Valrhona and dry raspberries; Jivara chocolate and dry passion fruit; as well as Guanaja and caramelised walnuts.


Cristina Viggè

from Lombardy, she graduated in Literature and started working as a journalist. Then she changed direction, towards travels, food and wine. She now directs Fuori Magazine, the new editorial project of Petra-Molino Quaglia