Zuo Cuibig




8, corso Concordia
20129 - Milan


A great master of Chinese cuisine and of woks, a very ancient techniques that allows for a fast cooking, at high temperatures, capable of enhancing and preserving the essential flavours of each ingredient, he was born in Beijing in 1977. After various experiences in traditional restaurants and in the kitchens of important Chinese luxury hotel chains, he worked for a long time at Da Dong, a famous chain of restaurants specialised in Peking duck.

«Zuo Cuibig arrived at Gong in 2019 and since then has become crucial for us – says owner Giulia Liu -.  Watching him at work is surprising. It's impressive how naturally and simply he handles 4 woks at a time, and very heavy too. With him, traditional Chinese cuisine becomes a big show. Our constant sharing, with Cuibig and Guglielmo Paolucci is the essence of our constant evolution».

A keeper of Chinese traditions, he masterfully rolls lamian by hand, transforming the dough into an infinite series of threads. This type of pasta is already mentioned in a text by Song Xu – il SòngshìYǎngshēng Bù (宋氏養生部, 宋氏养生部) dating before 1504 A.D.

«I lived in China for many years and for me making this dish in Italy is a bit like going back there. I feel less nostalgic about home – says chef Zuo Cuibig-. I make them with care and love because I like to think that those who eat them at Gong can have the same feeling of warmth I feel».

Making an ancient dish current is possible thanks to a new take that recalls a pairing that Italian clients are familiar with, like Spaghetti all’astice. Lamian in this case are enriched with a bisque of lobster, with rice sakè, used during the cooking of the sweet lobster. The finish is intense thanks to ginger, chives, and soy sauce. A real comfort food, rich in umami, typical of eastern recipes, but always perfectly compatible with western palates.

Zuo Cuibig is also a master of Pecking duck, a millennial preparation that requires many days to make, and was once reserved for Chinese emperors. Crispy skin, succulent meat and, as a pairing, Chinese pancakes and vegetable julienne.

Giulia Liu, Guglielmo Palolucci and Zuo Cuibig are now the perfect trio that shows a complex and simulating dialogue between the culinary cultures of the east and west.

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