Luigi Buonansegna



Officine del Gusto

19, Via Marconi
Pignola di Basilicata (Potenza)

Try to imagine a child, who looks charmed at an ice cream cone. Not just because of its unquestionable deliciousness: «My passion for gelato started as a child, as I wondered how such a soft mix could be held by a cone. Let's say that even as a child I was looking at gelato from a different point of view». These are the words of Luigi Buonansegna, originally from Pignola, Potenza. A first life as aspiring lawyer which he left to follow his childhood call that led him to ice cream making techniques and tools.

It all started with a course in Florence, with the “Gelatieri Artigiani Fiorentini", where he was attending university. The inspiration was so strong his degree in law could not prevail: after acquiring experience in some gelaterias in Tuscany, her returned to his hometown and started his dream job, opening Officine del Gusto.

The rest is recent history, with the satisfaction of having his efforts rewarded by growing success, including the "three cones" award from the Guida del Gambero Rosso.

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Niccolò Vecchia

Journalist, based in Milan. At 8 years old, he received a Springsteen record as a gift, and nothing was the same since. Music and food are his passions. Author and broadcaster at Radio Popolare since 1997, since 2014 he became part of the staff of Identità Golose 
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