Sat Bains

Sat Bains

Lenton Lane
Gran Bretagna
T. +44.(0)115.9866566

It’s between cloudy and flat Midlands that we can taste Sat Bains’s multi-vectorial cuisine. As green fields and nuclear plants flash at the horizon, two steps away from Nottingham, this smart chef with Punjabi origins looks after his restaurant made of stone, glass and metals. A very beautiful place where to spend some days in relax, with the great option to taste Sat’s art sitten on his private chef’s table, just in front of the door’s kitichen. Ingredients from the colonial tradition mingle with old England, while a hint of French nuances makes even more solid a structure already well defined.

Sat has been living in Nottingham for a long time, after spending his childhood in Derby. He cut his teeth under the teaching of Raymond Blanc at brasserie Le Petit Blanc, before going to L'Escargot in London and to three Michelin stars Les Jardin des Senses, in the south of France. In 2002, back on the other side of the English Channel, as one of the brightest rising stars of Uk scene, he’s given the chance to rule the hotel’s restaurant of Hotel des Clos, gaining one Michelin star in just one year, and then the second one. It’s the first time happening in Nottingham, a place normally crowded with good gastropubs or factories filled with organic products.

In 2006 Sat Bains with Rooms was named Restaurant of the Year for England by the AA and collected several awards by haute cuisine magazines of his own country. Sat doesn’t have a single hair on his head. But hidden inside are plenty of ideas, with the non-stop use of ingredients which are less popular on an English table. From celery to chicory, from lamb shoulder to asparagus. Without forgetting his rich set of spices. A tribute to his origin, we could say. That’s because he learned all the rules, without forgetting the memories of the Indian subcontinent. An attitudine who let him a second Michelin star in 2011.

Has participated in

Identità London, Identità Milano


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