Braised beef cheek, oyster, seaweed and sprouts

Sat Bains

Beef cheek
2 kg beef cheek (silverskin and sinew removed)

2 bottles of roaring meg beer
Sprig of thyme – rosemary – 4 crushed juniper berries – 4 teeth of garlic
1 dessert spoon honey
100ml Aspells organic apple vinegar

Oyster emulsion
2 oysters
2 egg yolk
Squeeze of lemon
Parsley oil
200 g parsley
300 ml of grapeseed oil

4 large radish
2 shallots
100g beansprouts
Mixed seaweed (kombu – sea lettuce – wakame)



Place the beef cheek in the marinade for 48 hours, drain and strain the liquid and reduce to a glossy syrup. Add 750g brown chicken stock and bring up to the boil.
Heat a pan and sauté the beef cheek until brown all over.
Add this to the reduced marinade and place in a pressure cooker, cook on full pressure for 40 minutes and leave in the marinade to soak. (the cheek will be reheated in this later)

Oyster emulsion
Start by blanching the parsley and blitzing with the oil.
Place the egg yolk, oysters and lemon juice in the blender and blend on its lowest speed. Once emulsified slowly add the oil until it forms a mayonnaise like consistency. Pass the emulsion and check the seasoning and the acidity, put to one side.

Shave the radish and shallot on a mandolin and mix with the beansprouts and seaweed, dress with soy sauce, lemon and lime juice and a pinch of salt.