Martino Faccin

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Panificio Faccin

via Roma 69
Carrè (Vicenza)

The first thing Martino Faccin, born in 1963, quoted when telling about his first meeting with the art of bread making... is the tiny church from 1378, with frescos from Giotto’s school, in front of the family bakery – they’re bakers since the early 20th century – in Carré, at the foot of Asiago. As if this was the trace of a historic continuity, of an ancestral heritage that becomes bread, a daily food to be made with wisdom and respect, «following nature. This is what urges me to perfect myself». Simple and flavourful loaves, as a «form of culture, and not an easy source of income to the detriment of the clients’ health».

To think that Faccin used to hate bread. Of course there were the memories of his grandmother, «as a child I enjoyed preparing the yeast for the following day with her», it was a bit of a game. Then, however, it was his brother who was meant to run the family shop, and the doors of the nearby factory were to be opened for Martino. He only took off the worker’s uniform in 1987, when his relative’s illness forced him to become a baker all of a sudden: «The first six months I reacted with impatience. I hated that job. But then...». Then 50 metres away from the Faccin home, a new bakery opened, a modern one with bread that looked nice, prepared with semifinished products, «it certainly looked more attractive than the harder artisanal loaves my father insisted on doing». That was the turning point: «One morning I began to knead a ciabatta, without additives, entirely based on the pure grains of wheat». He has never stopped, he’s now the standard-bearer of good and healthy bread making, that is to say the traditional one, but reinterpreted with modern knowledge, «I started to “disturb” companies, distributors and whoever could make me grow. Since that first day, I chose to make natural bread, with a clean list of ingredients, free of improvers, adjuvants and emulsifiers».

He’s proud to get on the stage of Identità Milano, after having already participated in Bread Religion in a duet with Corrado Assenza: «We both are very humble and I can see myself in his example». Faccin is one of the souls of Accademia del Pane, Molino Quaglia’s journey to train professional bakers.

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