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His homeland is Portugal, but he left it to study Marine Biology in Miami, abandoning his degree halfway through, however, to become a chef at the California Culinary Institute. He says he became a chef to find freedom and to tell stories through his dishes, his kitchen becoming a door to the world of flavours and adventures. Following his initiation as chef, he began to work with many masters, including Wolfgang Puck , Rocco DiSpirito , Mark Miller and Jean Georges Vongerichten . At 30 years of age he was working with Ferran Adrià , at El Bulli, in Spain, and his search for new gastronomic experiences took him to several countries in Europe and Asia, until he finally anchored in London.

Bacchus was his first restaurant, with a very exciting molecular and experimental style, but unfortunately it proved not to be viable financially. After closing Bacchus, he decided to open a secret supper club within his own house, called The Loft, which has become the most successful underground gastronomic spot in London. The Loft enabled him to develop his ‘auteur cuisine’, the basis of many wonderful projects staging food and art. In 2010 he opened Viajante (‘Traveller’ in Portuguese), in East London with a very original approach – no molecular games, only great food, influenced by stories of his journeys around the world. However, he hasn’t completely “retired” from molecular practices.

Viajante is, according to Nuno, a new journey in his career, and his only concern is with high quality and excellent produce. The menu is given to the guests only after the dining experience; most people are very excited about the new concept, and love to discover the flavours, textures and new dishes, ‘travelling’ alongside the chef. Very courageously he hosted the lunch of the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants last year just as the restaurant opened; since them Viajante has become one of the top tables in London for lunch and dinner, constantly visited by chefs, gourmets, foodies and celebrities (and it just received its first Michelin star).

After the opening of Viajante, the Loft secret supper club has been turned into an Atelier for Chefs called The Loft Project, where established chefs or unknown but talented chefs can present their work in the same way as Nuno did in the past. It is a place for great food, and where art and food meet together. For Nuno Mendes avant-garde cuisine provides both nourishment and the dining experience which can transport the guests to places previously unknown to them, give them deep emotions, make them reflect and have feelings and a sense of journeying.

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Half Italian, half Brazilian, she works both as chefs and as food writer. Among all the thing she does, she's author of the World’s 50 Best blog