For ever grandmother

In a photo taken of a lady in the Marche, relive some emotions we believed lost

by Francesca Brambilla e Serena Serrani

It looks like an old photo. It’s not. We took it (“stole” in fact) only recently. In this small village in Marche, the flavours, the aromas, the daily rituals have remained unchanged over time. During a break, sitting on a village wall, observing the scenery, we see this lady with some wood under her arm. What a jump into the past! She reminded us of our grandmothers, when they lit the fire in order to cook the dinner and heat the house while all the children were playing in the courtyard.

It’s a simple life, hard, for sure, but genuine. Few of us remember it. But those who do, we’re sure of this, preserve a dish full of human care, of unforgettable flavours, scents and emotions. To us, seeing this lady with a scarf on her head, the thick woollen tights and the bundle of wood under her arm, was enough to feel at peace with the world once again. Suddenly all our work frenzy, all our running around and all the technology had no reason to exist. Who knows if you feel the same after seeing this photo.



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Prospettiva 2015