Anna Sartori

Pasticceria Sartori

Via Alessandro Volta, 8B
22036 Erba (Como)

The main goal of Anna Sartori, pastry-chef from Erba, is quality. The exceptional quality of the cakes she pulls out of the oven, ever since she took over after her dad Francesco – who in 1958 established the gelateria which in time became one of the coolest pastry-shops in Brianza. Behind this excellent quality, ça va sans dire, there's a study of ingredients. But Anna's sense of responsibility has a prominent role in her work too, and «success is a consequence».

Born in 1965, a graduate in Agricultural Studies and a previous career in a corporation (from 2000 to 2005), a diploma in naturopathy and studies in Chinese traditional medicine completed in 2018, Anna Sartori is an always-moving volcano; even when her hands are still, her mind isn't; she's a real force of nature.

And from nature she draws in abundance, so that her cakes can be unique. As for the savoury products, which are an important part of the family establishment, together with the dishes they make for lunch, it's Anna's husband Giuseppe Colombo who takes care of them, while the financial and sales management of the pastry shop is handed to Roberta Sartori, her sister. On top of typical products like Masigott, an ancient cake that is made with a whisked dough of wheat, buckwheat and corn, Anna makes the traditional cannoncini, puff pastries, fruit tartelettes and gelato, all avantgarde thanks to the use of rice and spelt flour, almond paste and other fats on top of Belgian, French and Italian butter of the highest quality, plus flakes of agar agar and mucilage to thicken the glazes...

«It doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is how you do it», this extraordinary pastry-chef repeats like a mantra. It's no surprise that she made use of all her studies, from pastry-making to Chinese medicine, in the design of her Feis® method (an acronym that stands for "physique [fisico in Italian], emotivity, intellect and spirituality"). That is to say she explain as if it were the most important thing in the world, it's «a way that allows every person to increase their personal awareness in terms of food and find their personal food profile so that we can all buy the suitable food». A synthesis that represents her way of understanding the human soul also through the choice of a puff pastry!


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