Gragnano macaroni with anchovy "colatura", Pigna beans and Piedmont "fassona" tripe

Luigi Taglienti

For 4 people

The pasta
160 g Gragnano Gerardo di Nola macaroni
30 g of anchovy "colatura"
15 g of candied Cervo lemon rind
4 cl of Taggisaca extra virgin olive oil
2 l of unsalted boiling water
1 clove of Vessalico garlic with the skin on

The Pigna beans
100 g of dried Pigna beans soaked in 500 ml of cold water
2 l of cooking water flavoured with 50 g of carot, 40 g of onion, 35 g of celery
35 g of salt
15 g parsley stalks
2 g of Jamaican pepper

Piedmont "fassona" tripe
120 g of oesophagus
1.5 l salted boiling water (30 g salt/litre)



The pasta
Cook the macaroni in a deep pan full of boiling water for 10 minutes. Darin them and place them gently in a frying pan with oil flavoured with the fresh garlic, add the lemon rind, the anchovy "colatura" and cook for another 2 minutes.

The Pigna beans
Cook the beans in a shallow pan on a low heat for 45 minutes, keeping them firm in the centre.

Piedmont "fassona" tripe
Scald the oesophagus in the boiling water for 8 minutes and then cool.

Pour a little veal reduction onto the plate, position the macaroni and complete with the oesophagus, a little Marmande raw-pressed tomato passata, a few Prà basil leaves and some more veal reduction.