Roast Sambucano lamb, fresh goat's cheese and Swiss chard

Enrico Crippa

For 4 people

For the lamb
4 racks of Sambucano lamb
2 cloves of garlic
1 sprig of dried fennel
salt and pepper

For the goat's milk cheese
100 g of goat's milk
1 g of agar
50 g of fresh goat's milk cheese

For the garnish
candied lemon purée
lamb gravy
blanched Swiss chard leaves
powdered liquorice
dill seeds
herb oil (made by blending and filtering parsley and tarragon, blanched and squeezed, with a double amount of extra virgin olive oil)
Maldon salt


For the lamb
Roast the racks with the garlic, fennel, butter, salt and pepper, leaving them pinkish. Then leave them in a warm place to rest.

For the goat's milk cheese
Bring the milk to the boil with the agar, leave to cool and blend with the cheese to obtain a cream.

Place a small amount of candied lemon purée on one side of a dinner plate, with the cheese on the other side and the rack of lamb in the middle, with its gravy and the blanched chard, previously dressed with herb oil and salt. Sprinkle with liquorice and dill seeds before serving.