Hare saddle cooked in butter and brandy, cugnà (grape must chutney) and beetroot

Enrico Crippa

For 4 people

For the hare
4 trimmed hare saddle fillets
400 g of clarified butter
1 juniper berry
1 sprig of thyme
1 bay leaf
1 piece of cinnamon
1 piece of star anise
a few black peppercorns
salt and pepper

For the cugnà sauce
100 g of blended and finely sieved cugnà

For the beetroot sauce
125 g of grated fresh beetroot
250 g of water
100 g of apple vinegar
40 g of sugar

For the Taggiasca olive oil sauce
100 g of Taggiasca olives, pitted and dried at 80° C in a fan oven for 6 hours
50 g of Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil

For the garnish
8 hazelnuts, shelled and halved
pine nuts
powdered juniper
powdered porcini mushrooms
catmint leaves
wild lambs lettuce
wild salad leaves
pomegranate seeds


For the hare
Heat the butter with all the flavourings, spices and brandy to 75-80° C in a saucepan. Drop in the salted and peppered fillets and cook them gently for 6-8 minutes. Remove them and leave them to rest in a warm place.

Blend the cugnà with a little cold water, store at room temperature.

Grate the beetroot and cook with water, vinegar and sugar. Drain, recuperate the juice and reduce to a quarter without allowing it to boil (from 200 to 50 g). Set to one side in the fridge.

For the Taggiasca olive oil sauce
Blend the oil and olives together and allow to decant, filtering through a strainer.

Use a spoon to create a small strip of cugnà on a plate and place the saddle of hare cut into two parts on it. Unite the olive and beetroot sauces.
Decorate with the nuts, pomegranate seeds, powders, herbs and salad leaves.