Cod fish with rice

For 1 portion
120 unsalted cod fish (center loin)
100 unsalted cod ventreche.
40 gr of rice carnarolli.
20 gr of cod “tripa” blanched.
30 gr of fresh peas (maresme)
4 gr of cappers powder .
10 gr of shopped fresh spring onion.
2 cloves of garlic.
30 gr of olive oil.
3 dl of fish stock made with White fish.

Warm up the stock. Make a ordinari rice, start with garlic onion and tripa of cod. Make a 14 minuts cook in a dry way, add the peas at one minut before ends the cocción. Cook the ventreche in a vacuum bag for 12 minuts at 50 degrees with some drops of olive oil. cut the rest of the cod on dices of 2 cm and add to the rice allready out of the fire. Save the protein of the cod from the vacuum bag and emulsion until we have a merengue consistence. Mix the emulsion with the rice and serve with cappers powder and olive oil.