Gianluca Fusto

Ivoire and green cardamom cream
440 g of fresh whole milk
14 g of glucose syrup
9 g of Oro 200 bloom gelatine sheets
468 g of Ivoire coating
550 g of mascarpone
8 g of zest of lime
11 g of green cardamom

Orange and carrot salad
610 g of carrots
44 g of oranges
305 g of mineral water
51 g of sugar
2 g of zest of lime

66% praline jelly
439 g of 66% almond and hazelnut praline
15 g of X58 pectin
35 g of sugar
997 g of whole UHT milk
100 g of Acquolina hazelnut paste
35 g of cocoa butter

Hazelnut Streusel
250 g of sugar
250 g of Petra 1 flour
250 g of Pariani ground hazelnuts
250 g of 82% fat butter
5 g of unrefined salt

Multivitamin drink
1,121 g of carrots
306 g of orange juice
183 g of frozen apricot pulp
102 g of lime juice
153 g of sugar
23 g of Espessa gel
295 g of mineral water

1500 g of Ivoire and green cardamom cream
1212 g of orange and carrot salad.
1620 g of 66% praline jelly
1005 g of hazelnut streusel
2183 g of multivitamin drink


Ivoire and green cardamom cream
Grind the cardamom into a fine powder, add it to the milk and the lime zest. If possible, leave in infusion cold for 15 minutes. Bring the milk to the boil. Filter, restore the initial weight and bring back to the boil. Add the glucose syrup and the previously rehydrated gelatine. Pour the liquid over the previously melted Ivoire coating, a little at a time, rubbing energetically to obtain a supple, shiny centre. Repeat the operation with the mascarpone, when the liquid heats to above 45 °C. Mix everything for a few moments to refine the structure.

Orange and carrot salad
Chop the carrots into 1 cm cubes and scald in boiling water for a few minutes, depending on how crunchy they are. Bring the water to the boil and add the sugar. Add the lime zest and marinate for about 15 minutes. Then filter. Bring the syrup back to the boil. Then dress and cook the carrots again for about 15 minutes. Change the container and marinate the carrots until ready to serve. Peel the orange segments.

66% praline jelly
Add the sugar to the X58 pectin. Use a whisk to add this mixture to the milk heated to 35 °C and bring to the boil, mixing all the time. Pour part of the milk onto the previously whisked praline, together with the cocoa butter melted at 40 °C. Using a spatula, mix energetically to create an emulsion. Continue adding the milk, trying to maintain this supple, shiny consistency. Refine the structure with the help of a mixer. This jelly can be reheated as many times as you like, taking care to heat it to 60 °C and then use it at 30/35 °C. This jelly cannot be frozen.

Hazelnut Streusel
Sieve all the powdered ingredients. Add the cold, cubed butter, mixing everything in a planetary mixer with the leaf beater. Keep in the fridge at 4 °C. Cut the dough into 1 cm cubes. Freeze immediately. Bake in the oven at 150 °C for at least 20 minutes.

Multivitamin drink
Juice and chill the carrots. Add the Espessa gel to the sugar. Pour the orange and lime juice, apricot pulp and carrot juice into a measuring jug. Add the sugar and Espessa gel mixture a little at a time with previously boiled water. Leave to rest in the fridge.

Pipe the cardamom cream in a circle using an icing bag with a size 12 nozzle. Pour a little of carrot drink on the surface. Drain the carrots and dry them on paper. Place them on the surface of the cream. Cut the orange segments into slices and alternate them with carrot cubes. End with the cubes of streusel.

Garnish with the chocolate decoration. Place the water-ice, carrot and praline jelly on the top.