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Olivieri 1882

via Alberti, 13, Arzignano (Vicenza)
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A bakery, a real call for the Olivieri family, ever since 1882 when great-grandfather Luigi launched the business. He then passed his passion and knowledge to his son, Romano, who then taught Bianco. The latter was Oliviero's father, and the grandfather of Nicola, the current spokesperson of a long and dynamic family history.

Nicola: born in 1986 and roots in Arzignano, Vicenza. «I was born next to the lab we had at the time, at 300 metres from where we are now. Flour and an air of renovation have always been a part of my life», the young leavening expert says. Indeed, because it would be reductive to call him just a pastry-maker given that his work is extensive. However, his thoughts were initially shaped by the scientific lyceum. «There I enrolled in Economics, I sat a few exams, and then moved to Psychology but I knew right from the start that was not my road. So I flew to Australia and that's where my fatal attraction for pastry-making was born», the artisan continues. He then returned to Arzignano where his father Oliviero runs the bakery with his mother Miranda, wife of the late Bianco, who passed away prematurely.

«My grandmother Miranda is still of big help. Together with my mum Patrizia and my wife, Michela», Nicolacontinues. Strict and creative. Propositional and constructive. So much so that a few years ago he opened a few organic ice-cream shops. An adventure that later ended. «But it was a source of expertise. The nice thing is that in our family every generation has added something», he admits. He's proud of his contemporary bakery, which is called Olivieri 1882. Since 2015 it's located in an old factory of hydraulic pumps. And which is now a food hall with a post-industrial spirit, flooded with light, over 1,200 square metres, including lab, pastry-shop, ice cream shop, café and bakery and a dining area for lunch and dinner. «The slogan we've given ourselves is in the name of flour», he points out. Repeating the mantra-leitmotiv of a griffe that has as its icons pandoro, colomba and panettone. 

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