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Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Credit Brambilla-Serrani

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Mario Peqini was born in 1987 on the other side of the Adriatic Sea, in Durazno, in Albania. At 13 his family left their home country and moved to Milan where, thanks also to his parents’ sacrifices, Mario could study with success, enrolling in catering school and falling in love with this profession from the start.

With some luck he arrives for the first time at the court of Aimo MoroniIl Luogo di Aimo e Nadia is the place where he completes his school internship, and leaves giving an excellent memory. After catering school, Peqini perfects his training at the Etoile institute of culinary arts in Chioggia, then starts to work in Rimini with pastry chef Roberto Rinaldini, who leads him to become Chef Chocolatier.

He has a strong desire to return to Milan so in 2011 he applies to work at Aimo e Nadiaand they welcome him with open arms. «Not only did they welcome me back immediately, offering me a job, but they were so happy with what I had become that they hired me as Chef Patissier».

Thanks to the work with Aimo, and most of all with Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini, in 2013 Peqini is nominated best pastry chef in 2013 according to Guida di Identità Golose. In 2016 he starts to wish to acquire new experience, hence comes the moment to leave Aimo e Nadia for a new adventure, outside of Italy. Today Mario Peqini works in Switzerland, in Geneva, at Tosca: an Italian restaurant, with a Tuscan inspiration, as you can tell from the name.

In 2019 he opens La Cage in Palermo.

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