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Philippe Léveillé



Miramonti L’Altro

via Crosette, 34
località Costorio
Concesio (Brescia)
T. +39.030.2751063


Restaurant Miramonti l’Altro is the embassy of grande cuisine in Italy, a place where diet is always postponed to tomorrow, where butter is a Breton stuff and frogs’ legs, well, c’est mon cocorico! Siphons are here banned then and no complex at all; plates show the pride of a great neoclassic chef, applied to the emotions specialties Brescia has to offer. Something capable of moving even the most crazy avant-garde cuisine lover!

Born in Nantes in 1963, Philippe attended the hotel management school in Saomoure before going into several cooking pilgrimages throughout the world, interrupted only in 1981-82, when he served the national humanitarian service in Somalia, Ethiopia and Yemen for the Red cross. Starting with his Paris debut at the Hotel Winsor Clovis, he later went working at Hotel Helton Kennedy in New York, Boucairre Meridiane restaurant in Martinica up to the Vis Palace Grand Corniche in Monaco.
The flying chef was not thinking of resting his toque when wind blew him to Italy at Maschere restaurant in Iseo, from 1987 to 1991. In fact, after a year spent at the old restaurant Ponte di Briolo, on October 25th 1992 he landed to Miramonti di Caino working for the Piscini’s, a family that in 1994 he would permanently follow working up to the Miramonti l’Altro: end of the run in Concesio.

Here Philippe’s techniques, that master academy cuisine, humbly meet the incomparable savoir-faire of Mary Piscini who passed on him the secrets of cult recipes like Risotto with mushroom and sweet alps cheese, before allowing him permanently to rule the kitchen.
Philippe, who today declares to be Italian (but maybe he’s very good in performing Brescia opulent cuisine just because he’s from Brittany, hints Paolo Marchi), never misses the chance to praise Mary, claiming higher merits for the very important role of women chefs. With the best happy ending: Philippe and her beautiful daughter Daniela got married. And now she’s the elegant mistress of their restaurant, together with her brother Mauro Piscini.

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Alessandra Meldolesi

Umbra di Perugia con residenza a Bologna, è giornalista e scrittrice di cucina. Tra i numeri volumi tradotti e curati, spicca "6, autoritratto della Cucina Italiana d’Avanguardia" per Cucina & Vini