Unilateral red prawn tartar, passion fruit, crispy fat liver with spices and oyster butter

Philippe Léveillé

For 4 people

For the tartar
400 g of red prawns (large)
6 confit tomatoes
salt and pepper
oyster leaves

For the fat liver
150 g of fat duck liver
20 g of mixed spices
grated brioche
salt and pepper

For the passion fruit lamina
350 cl of passion fruit (high quality)
3.2 g of agar

For the oyster butter
6 oysters
250 cl of Noilly Prat vermouth
150 g of scallion
150 g of Breton butter


For the tartar
Chop the red prawns and the confit tomatoes, add the chopped oyster leaves and season with salt and pepper. Shape the mixture into a small, flattened focaccia, cook unilaterally in a non-stick pan with extra virgin olive oil. Keep warm.

For the fat duck liver
Scallop the duck liver, coat with the mixed spices and then with the grated brioche. Salt and pepper the two parts and cook in a non-stick pan on a medium heat to obtain a golden crust.

Place the liver on a grill and leave to rest for 2 hours in the fridge. When cool, cut the fat liver into the same shape as the prawn mixture.

For the passion fruit lamina
Gently boil 350 cl of passion fruit, add the agar and pour it onto a late to obtain and lamina, then leave to cool. Mould the lamina into the same shape as the prawn and fat liver.

For the oyster sauce
Open the 6 oysters, leave them to drain, filtering the water through a strainer and setting it to one side. Reduce the Noilly Prat and the scallion to the required consistency and whip up with the iced butter. Filter it all and add the previously filtered oyster water.

Take the first piece of prawn mixture and place it on a plate. Lay the passion fruit lamina on it, followed by the slice of crispy fat lever. Add the sauce with a few oyster leaves.