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Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani


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The first time we heard of Galileo Reposo, we tried to figure out what country he’s from: Spain? South America? Mexico? Wrong: Bollate near Milan, Italy. The second question was: did you get your first name from Galileo Galilei, the father of modern science? «No, my parents are a bit unusual: my brother’s name is Nelson». However, if we look carefully, he shares something in common with the father of heliocentric theories: the ability to see things differently from the way they ordered us over the centuries.

Now 31 years-old Reposo develops a unique approach to art of pastry as well as Galileo Galilei did to the science of heavenly things. And one notices this just by reading a sentence on his curriculum: «Unlike colleagues, I like to participate actively to all kitchen activities». Which means that, for him, walls dividing restaurant kitchens must be crashed down: «Aimo Moroni taught me well that, if I want to learn to be complete, I must confront myself with the “other” chefs». Being a scientist then, yes, but also a little artist: «It’s not enough for me to measure, I like tasting, working with instinct, feeling ingredients».
This approach was strengthened by nudging great masters: Pietro Leemann’s Joia, Gualtiero Marchesi’s Marchesino. But, above all, Alain Ducasse and Franck Cerutti at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, where Cerutti introduced Reposo to one of the greatest cuisine chef of our age. At Andana, in Maremma region, he learned through the authoritative duo "great professionalism, respect for colleagues and hierarchies and very strict order inside a kitchen room". To whom he added an Italianissimo respect for raw materials and tastes.

The result? A pastry style deeply exemplifying, subtracting and fleeing the quibbling. Few ingredients, if anything, enhanced by contrasts of tastes, textures and temperature changes. Desserts far away galaxies from certain techniques, «pointing to aesthetical aspects but never impressing our palate memory».

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