Fabio Rossi


via Montepirolo, 7
località San Patrignano
Coriano (Rimini)
T. +39.0541.759138

Fabio Rossi represents the aesthetics and the substance of a way of interpreting food that is entirely from Romagna. Fabio is not the classic Mr Smith in the kitchen, despite his name (Mr Rossi is the Italian equivalent of Mr Smith). His story is based on concreteness, on a wisdom tied to his territory. Something he now makes available to San Patrignano and to that unique restaurant project that is Vite, a place run by the rehab community itself. The kitchen staff needed a leader who would bring a dose of experience and skill to discipline a kitchen that lived on natural enthusiasm and talent.

Fabio Rossi was the right man. For many reasons. He was, until it closed, the chef at the Acero Rosso, one of the very few quality restaurants in the Rimini area, Michelin star included. Quality was an obsession, every ingredient was the best in its category. A precision that was costly to sustain, both for the management and for the clients. Today Fabio has quality truly available, because San Patrignano produces its excellent raw materials, such as the mora romagnola pigs, or the lambs bred in Montefeltro – just to name two examples. And Fabio is at ease, creating a lost cuisine. So lost it never existed.

Fabio Rossi is a forty year old man with experience in many restaurants in Romagna. He was launched by Vincenzo Cammerucci at Grotta in Brisighella, in the early Nineties. From 1996 to 2006 he lived his experience at L’Acero Rosso, where he developed the character to manage a great kitchen as a leader would. Then came Vite, where he has taken a road with clear objectives: reaching the Italian élite restaurant scene. Even in the decadent years (at least from a media perspective) of the “made in Italy” movement. In short, Fabio is a great but not very well known chef, never above the lines. He’s the right person for a place as special as Vite. A place where you can find excellent cheese, fabulous honey, olive oil and a superb cellar, but most of all a love for cuisine and for the work necessary when ambitions are high. Then, of course, when the raw materials available are extraordinary, it’s easier to introduce a few elements of creativity that lighten up a tradition that is so rich of taste.

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