Diego Guerrero

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani


Regueros, 8
28004 - Madrid
+34 917 021586

Born in Vitoria in 1975, Diego trained in the greatest kitchens including the one of Martín Berasategui in Lasarte. Since 2002 and up to the opening of his own project, he worked at El Club Allard restaurant where he received two Michelin stars.

In July 2014 he started his own project, DSTAgE Concept, which rapidly achieved great recognition among public and critics. DSTAgE has led to the evolution of Diego’s career that is more similar to a personal idea of contemporary fine dining where the real luxury is in proximity and naturalness.

Since he opened DSTAge, Diego has always had the clear idea that this concept was the driving force of new projects creation. A business model which, since its creation, Diego intended it to be sustainable because was not a choice but a way of doing, working, thinking and organizing… with consciousness and attention for a better present and future. Since its opening, this place has received different awards including two Michelin stars and 3 Soles by Guía Repsol.

In September 2016, he launched a creative space designed and led by him under the name of DSPOT. This project is focused on creativity regarding haute cuisine and all the aspects about this world such as performance, design, technique and products.

His dishes are the creative result of these principles. His constant innovation leads Guerrero to experiment. As Julia Pérez says ("the excess of rules is inversely proportional to creativity: this is why he breaks all the rules and dares to apply new ones to fine dining".

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