François Daubinet


30 Place de la Madeleine
75008 Parigi

Audacity and balance are qualities that François Daubinet, brilliant French pastry-chef, claims for himself regardless of any logic and of the fact that these two characteristics don't agree with each other. But it's hard to argue with this enfant prodige of international pastry-making who in 2017, when he was only 29, became the executive pastry-chef of the prestigious Maison Fauchon, the Parisian gastronomic boutique established in 1886.

One hundred and two years later, in 1988, after training at Le Compagnons du Devoir where he arrived at 15, Daubinet was in no rush and for nine years he continued his apprenticeship around France. Those who thought he was not able of following his ambitions, which were clear in his mind, were mistaken. To fly high, you must have strong wings and he made them stronger so much so he crossed the ocean and arrived in New York, first at Financier Patisserie and then at restaurant Daniel. Back in France, his growth brought him to Fauchon taking the role that once belonged to Pierre Hermé and Christophe Adam and then to Hôtel de CrillonPlaza Athénée – where he worked with Christophe Michalak who later wanted him at his school Michalak Masterclass – and Le Taillevent.

A lover of music and modern art, as he proudly affirms on his profile on Instagram which has almost 70.000 followers, Daubinet is a creative with a crystal-clear talent for pastry-making. He's brave in his aesthetic and taste revolutions, and strict just like any pastry-chef who wants to become famous should be. And he always manages to have people speak of him even though, as he reminds with great irony, when he must explain his work philosophy, «a pastry-chef surely won't save a human life». For sure, however, he delights palates, and before those, he captures the eyes with his creations.

His cakes have a quality of being attractive. He illustrates (and has his collaborators illustrate) his work with the same detailed precision with which he balances the ingredients and with which he probably studies tattoos – another passion of his he doesn't hide. Just like he doesn't hide his favourite desserts, at the top of which is a real French classic, Paris Brest which, being an innovator, he has interpreted in the line of Maison Fauchon for praliné lovers.


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