"Che figata"

Fig dessert

Moreno Cedroni

For 4 people

For the fig puffs
4 figs

For the jelly
150 g of figs
25 g of sugar

For the fig frittata
100 g of beaten egg
30 g of cream
1 g of salt

For the Sherry ice-cream
220 g of milk
80 g of sugar
12 g of powdered milk
2 g of carob flour
30 g of egg yolks
20 g of sweet Sherry

For the sake water ice
140 g of sake
200 g of water
70 g of sugar

For the crispy ham
50 g of prosciutto

For the crisps
100 g of potatoes
Sunflower seed oil


Peel the figs, setting the skin to one side. Lay each piece of flesh on a square of baking paper, cover with cling film and roll out with a rolling pin or by hand; place in the fridge if not used immediately.
Cook the skins with half their weight in sugar for 5 minutes.

For the jelly
Cook the figs with the sugar to 105° C; the jelly will form by itself.

For the fig frittata
Cook 80 g of fig skins cooked in sugar in a non-stick pan over a low heat with the beaten egg, cream and salt, to make 4 small frittatas.

For the Sherry ice-cream
Bring the milk to the boil with the sugar, the powdered milk and the carob flour; pour over the egg yolks, mix and cook at 85° C. Sieve and add the sweet Sherry, stirring at –8° C.

For the sake water ice
Bring the water to the boil with the sugar, cool and add the sake, mix and freeze.

For the crispy ham
Cut the prosciutto into strips and bake in the oven at 180° C until crisp.

For the crisps
Peel the potatoes, cut into fine slices, leaving them in water, then scald them, dry and fry at 130° C, until they become crisp.

Place the frittata and the broken crisps towards the bottom of the plate, lay the ball of ice-cream above them, along with the fig puff, the jelly and the crispy ham; pour the sake water ice all around the dessert, so that it can be scooped up with a spoon along with the other elements.