Peach palm fettuccine Carbonara

Alex Atala

For 4 people

2 peach palm canes

For the Carbonara sauce
10 beaten buds
160 g of grated Grana Padano
200 ml of cream
80 ml of bacon fat
salt and pepper

To complete
10 g of truffle butter
5 g of finely chopped parsley
100 g of bacon


Cut the peach palm lengthways, using a wide comb mandoline slicer. Weigh out 4 130 g portions. Cut the bacon into small cubes, place them in a pan and fry over a low heat until crispy and golden. Take the bacon out of the pan using a draining spoon and place it on kitchen paper. Set the bacon fat to one side. Mix the buds with the cheese in a container. Add the bacon fat and then the cream. Cook the peach palm fettuccine in water with coarse salt until it has the same texture as normal wheat flour fettuccine (about 2 minutes). Melt the truffle butter and add it to the chopped parsley.

Tip the cooked fettuccine into a pan, add the carbonara sauce and season with salt. Mix in a pan, stirring in a circular motion so that the sauce thickens to a dense consistency quickly, making sure that the buds don't form lumps. Arrange the fettuccine in the middle of the plate and sprinkle with some bacon and pepper.
Drizzle the truffle butter and parsley condiment onto the plate around the fettuccine.