Smoked caviar and iced zabaione

For 12 people

50 g of Osetra caviar
90 g of Marsala
90 g of egg yolks
90 g of sugar
110 g of glucose
30 g of butter
12 fingers of glazed puff pastry
unrefined salt


Place the caviar in a fine sieve.
Toast the soft wood shavings (beech or cherry) and, when they begin to smoke, transfer them to a fish kettle with the caviar, covering them with the lid. The caviar does not easily absorb the aroma of the smoke, so try it every now and then to assess the level of smoking.
If it is too light, repeat the operation.
In a Bain-Marie, prepare the base for the zabaione, mixing the egg yolks with the sugar, glucose, cold cubed butter and Marsala, without whipping. Heat to 84° C, transfer to another container and chill to –20° C.
Serve the iced zabaione in a very cold coffee cup in the form of a small quenelle with a few grains of unrefined salt; add a teaspoonful of caviar and a small finger of glazed puff pastry.