Simone Padoan

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

I Tigli

via Camporosolo, 11
San Bonifacio (Verona)
T. +39.045.6102606


Getting excited while biting into a slice of pizza? Absolutely yes. On condition that we go to the I Tigli in San Bonifacio, not far from Verona, right in the center. Both the seat and the sign don’t cause a stir but here you are going to live a sensory experience that has few comparisons in Italy. The author of all this is him, Simone Padoan, class 1971, the last of 9 brothers. He has grown up in the family pizzeria, but his desire to (re)give the right dignity to a dish representing the national pride often debased and mistreated, his curiosity and will to improve and propose something different, even extreme, in the year 2000 led him to make a change to his activity by searching and experimenting: leaven, mixture, flours (possibly natural and whose origin wheat can be traced), oven, temperatures…

Today the challenge is fully won and little masterpieces of taste, flavor, digestibility and lightness arrive on the table. Obviously, the raw material is spectacular, only the best. Simone doesn’t give in on this point. The Pizzas he mostly loves? Classical ones, starting from that with datterino small tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella even if an important place in his heart is reserved to that with Andria burrata and 18 month seasoned San Daniele ham. Which one has given him the greatest satisfaction? The one with red tuna fish and Tropea onion. I was so lucky to taste it but unfortunately you won’t find it in the menu any longer because ethics forced Simone not to propose it. He used only red tuna fish from the Mediterranean Sea and so… However, don’t worry because if you go and visit him you will have a lot to enjoy and certainly remain astonished. Here are a couple of examples: raw red crawfish, fennel, green apple, buffalo ricotta and orange vinaigrette (a marvelous balance between sweetness and sourness of the different ingredients) and foie gras in brioche bread loaf with quince, turnip and liquorice compote, lard, sprouts and pistachios, to sum up: pure enjoyment. Not to tell about sweets: very beautiful and of high standard, worthy of a blazoned restaurant.

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