...a simple salad

Stefano Baiocco


For 4 people

For the garnish

8 squares of Brick pastry
10 medium sized champignon mushrooms
1 lime
1 orange
16 cubes of lemon in brine
2 medium-sized potatoes
Garda extra virgin olive oil
seed oil
Maldon salt

For the herb and sprout salad
4 sorrel leaves
4 tips of yarrow
4 tips of garlic stems
4 tips of dill
4 aniseed leaves
4 atsina cress sprouts
4 red beetroot leaves
4 cinammon basil leaves
4 Genoese basil leaves
4 lemon basil leaves
4 tips of Greek basil
4 red basil leaves
4 liquorice basil leaves
4 chard leaves
4 baby chard leaves
4 borage leaves
4 Good King Henry leaves
4 sprigs of camomile sprouts
4 carrot sprouts
4 Romanesco cauliflower sprouts
4 cabbage sprouts
4 Savoy cabbage sprouts
4 tips of chervil
4 puntarelle leaves
4 Castelfranco chicory leaves
4 grumolo rossa chicory leaves
4 small leaves of chicory sprouts
4 small leaves of red chicory
4 small leaves of wild chicory
4 small leaves of spadona chicory
4 small leaves of Treviso red radicchio
4 small leaves of cicoria zuccherina
4 small leaves turnip tops
4 tufts of coriander
4 tufts of cress
4 sprouts of daikon
4 small leaves of dandelion
4 tops of yellow dandelion
4 tufts of erba stella
4 stems of chives
4 small leaves of ficoidea glacialis
4 tufts of wild fennel
4 tufts of red fennel
4 sprouts of endive
4 small leaves of Spanish moss
4 small leaves of red bowl salad
4 small leaves of lollo rossa lettuce
4 small leaves of curly lettuce
4 small leaves of rossa di Trento lettuce
4 small leaves of ubriacona lettuce
4 tips of lavender
4 small leaves of lovage
4 tips di lemongrass
4 tips of marjoram
4 small leaves of mallow
4 small leaves of balm
4 tips of mentha cervina
4 tips of mentha gattefossei
4 small leaves of white mint
4 small leaves of mentha hybrida dionisios
4 tips of nana mint of Morocco
4 tips of Corsican Mint
4 small leaves of peppermint
4 small leaves of nasturtium
4 tips of oregano
4 tips of oxalis
4 sprigs of pimpinella
4 pea sprouts
4 tomato sprouts
4 small leaves of parsley
4 sprouts of rubarb
4 small leaves of Lodi white turnip
4 small leaves of violet top turnip
4 sprouts of Saxa radish
4 sprouts of radish
4 small leaves of farmed rocket
4 small leaves of wild rocket
4 small leaves of rumex atropurpureus
4 pineapple sage tips
4 satureja tips
4 prickly lettuce sprouts
4 celery leaves
4 sprouts of spilantes
4 white mustard leaves
4 scorzonera sprouts
4 purple shiso sprouts
4 green shiso sprouts
4 tips of silene
4 spinach leaves
4 tahoon sprouts
4 tetragonia leaves
4 valerian leaves
4 violet leaves

Edible flowers
4 abelia flowers
achillea flowers
4 garlic flowers
alyssum flowers
various basil flowers
snapdragon flowers
4 borage flowers
calendula petals
4 camomile flowers
caper flower petals
coriander flowers
crysanthemum petals
onion flowers
cape marigold petals
euryops petals
4 exacum flowers
4 geranium petals
4 scented geranium petals
lantana flowers
lavender flowers
4 lobelia flowers
4 mallow flowers
daisy petals
4 lily-of-the-valley flowers
4 nasturtium petals
4 nemesia flowers
4 oxalis flowers
4 periwinkle flowers
4 red rose petals
4 white rose petals
rosemary flowers
4 rocket flowers
4 purple sage flowers
4 white sage flowers
4 pineapple sage flowers
spirea flowers
4 marigold petals
4 “ursula nano” marigold petals
4 wishbone flower petals
4 tuberose petals
4 verbena flowers
4 stock petals
4 pansy petals
4 horned pansy petals
4 "soleroida" violet flowers



Cut the brick pastry into 10 cm squares and brush them with olive oil. Bake them between two sheets of baking paper and two baking sheets, with a weight above, at a temperature of 160 °C for a few minutes, until the pastry is golden and crisp.

Make the potato "sawdust": peel the potatoes, grate them with a Microplane, leave them for about 30 minutes in cold water, until they release all their starch. Dry them and fry in seed oil at 175-190 °C.

Cut the previously peeled mushrooms with a Japanese Mandoline slicer. Insert the slices between two crunchy squares of Brick pastry, dressing with a grating of lime zest, orange and Maldon salt.

Assemble the herb and sprout salad with tweezers on the plates to maximise the volume, forming a sort of pyramid. Depending on the season, the composition comprises about 90 variable elements. Place 4 cubes of lemon in brine on the top, with a few grains of salt and the edible flower petals. Serve with the Brick pastry and dress in front of the diner with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of potato "sawdust" to simulate grated Grana cheese.

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