Mollusc ceviche

Gastón Acurio

1 oyster
2 mussels
3 clams
3 razor clams
½ a squid
1 small cuttlefish
1 scallop
30 g of puréed sea urchins
10 g of green pepper paste
10 g of chili pepper paste
15 g of scallop mayonnaise
40 ml of leche di tigre
½ g of salt
1 lemon
1 g of fresh chili


Clean the molluscs, open the mussels and eliminate the shells. Do the same with the clams and razor clams. Separate the oysters from their shells, clean the cuttlefish and the squid and cut them into julienne strips. Clean the sea urchins and set them aside.


Prepare a scallop mayonnaise, blending it with ice and seed oil; mix the chili pepper paste with the green pepper paste.

Make a purée with the sea urchin flesh and add it to the chili and green pepper pastes, with a little scallop mayonnaise. Add the leche di tigre, dress with salt and a little lemon juice.
Place the molluscs dressed with salt, lemon and leche di tigre in a bowl.

Place a little red onion cut into julienne strips in a plate and spoon the molluscs on top. Pour some leche di tigre on the sea urchins and decorate with red onion, fresh chili and sprouts.