Fassona stencil in beer with a four cheese pancake

Luigi Taglienti

For 4 people

Fassona stencil
4 finely cut round slices of Piedmontese Fassona

Beer froth
100 ml of Moretti Gran Cru beer
1 1 of animal gelatine

Beer reduction
1 l of Moretti Grand Cru beer
100 ml of veal juice

100 g of Fontina cut into even-sized morsels
100 g mature Bra cut into even-sized morsels
100 g mild Bra cut into even-sized morsels
100 g natural Gorgonzola cut into even-sized morsels


Beer froth
Hydrate the jelly in plenty of iced water, warm with a small amount of beer and leave the jelly to soak until it has completely dissolved. Add the rest of the beer and use a hand blender to create a thick froth.
Charge a half 1itre siphon with two soda charges and leave to rest for at least 6 hours at a temperature of + 4°C.

Beer reduction
Leave the beer to reduce on a low heat to 250 ml. Add the veal juice and leave to cook for 3 minutes.

Place all the cheeses together in a large terrine and leave them in infusion overnight. The next day, cook them on a low heat in a shallow pan to obtain a smooth, even cream.
Pour the mixture into rectangular moulds and leave to rest for a day in the fridge at a temperature of +4 °C. Use a 4 cm pastry cutter to make 4 even-sized discs. Coat them in breadcrumbs, first with finely chopped brioche and then with crumbled Cuneo breadsticks. Fry in plenty of oil.

Lay the sheet of Fassona carpaccio on the plate, spreading the fibres out well. Place the curly endive, the pancake and the Moretti Grand Cru beer froth on top. Finish with a beer sauce and a drizzle of good Ligurian extra virgin olive oil.