Green tea tartlet with Navelli saffron prawn and orange salad ice-cream

Corrado Assenza

For 20 people

For the tartlet
200 g of plain flour
40 g of very fine icing sugar
75 g of butter
30 g of cream
1 egg
3 g of matcha green tea
10 g of green tea leaves
6 g of whole sea salt

For the prawn
20 peeled prawns
40 g of saffron-flavoured Mielarò
1 g of whole sea salt
8 g of extra virgin olive oil

For the orange salad ice-cream
500 g of fresh whole milk
50 g of cream
140 g of sugar
35 g of dextrose
30 g of orange blossom honey
4 g of carob flour
2 organic oranges (juice and rind)
1 g of powdered chili
50 g of spring onion
30 g of wild dill

For the garnish
spring onion rings


For the tartlet
Weigh and mix the dry ingredients, pour them in the planetary mixer and add the softened butter. Weight and mix the liquids. Run the machine briefly, add half the liquid and mix, then add the other half and continue mixing until you obtain a compact, smooth and even dough that can be easily manipulated. Use to line 2.5 cm diameter and 1.5 cm deep moulds. Bake in the oven at 220° C for 15 minutes and turn out.

Clean the prawns thoroughly. Mix the marinade ingredients in a metal mixing bowl. Place the prawns in the marinade and leave in the fridge at 2° C for 40 minutes.

For the ice-cream
The day before, place the spring onion in the milk and cream to infuse (cut the spring onion into longitudinal strips to maximise the surface contact) with the dill; store at 2° C. The day after, press the onion and dill and use the aromatised liquid. Weigh and mix the dry ingredients, add them to the liquid and mix. Grate the orange rind; squeeze and filter the juice. Add to the other ingredients and complete with the honey. Stir and place in a container inside the freezer.

Before serving, drain the prawns in a Chinoise sieve, place them on the tartlets and add a ball of ice-cream in the centre. Decorate with a raw spring onion ring.