Coleseed, colliflower, parsley and smoked cheese

4 cts

Couscous of collyflower
1/2 collyflower
100 gr. coleseedoil
1/2 bunch of parsley
20 gr. coleseed peeled

Creme of parsley
100 gr milk
1 parsley
200 coleseedoil
1 lemon
100 fresh cheese

Brioche of coleseed
1000 flouwer
150 milk
125 water
250 eggs
250 coleseedoil
50 coleseeds
40 fresh gist
17 salt

Smoked cheese
250 fresh cheese
oak to smoke


Couscous of collyflower
Mix the collyflower verry short in a blender, chop parsly rough, bring toghether, ad coleseedoil and coleseeds, spice with, lemon and salt.

Creme of parsley
Mix the milk with the parsly and salt in blender, mix up with coleseedoil, ad the lemon and the fresh cheese.

Brioche of coleseed
Make a dow of all ingredients, rest for 40'.
1 day in cooler, 2 hours rising, bake of on 180C°.

Smoked cheese
Smoke the cheese in a cold smoker.