Ivan e Matteo Piffer

Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Panificio Moderno

varie sedi a Isera (dove tutto è nato: via al Ponte 10. Tel. 0464 436196), Rovereto e Trento

Moderno is a bakery founded in 1987 when Anna and Paolo Ferretti, partners in life and in business, bought a workshop in Isera and shops in Rovereto. In fact, Anna’s grandparents had been running a mill since 1926 and, in the Seventies, one of the uncles owned the family bakery. Today they make bread and pastries and sell them in various shops (two of which also include a café and bistro). Brothers Matteo and Ivan took over and continued the work of their parents, what with innovations, discoveries, mistakes, regrets, love, surrenders, bets and care.

Today Ivan, the shier and more introvert of the two, runs the workshop and takes care of training and production, which he increased with bread and cakes; Matteo takes care of management and new openings (they now have six shops, one of which in the historic centre of Isera, four in Rovereto and one in Trento, opened in May 2017). While Anna and Paolo focused on quality and created a sound project that is still successful, Matteo is the deus ex machina of the new projects based on the happy intuition of giving value to different, selected and stone-milled types of flour, and mother yeast.

The obsessive attention for high quality is still present, resulting in the use of raw materials in every recipe [with no semi-finished products]. In pastry-making, they peel citrus fruits to add aroma to cakes. In the kitchen, they use eggs and flour to make lasagne. And as for bread, the high quality work begins with the choice of flour and continues with the use of mother yeast, which enhances the flavour of the cereal, and makes the bread easier to digest and to preserve.

Matteo and Ivan in a way have gone back to the work of their grandparents, following their approach and choices: back to farmland and farmers, because they believe food is a product of agriculture. The Piffer brothers believe human relations help you reach great results. Sharing ideas and principles is what it takes to grow. Because man comes before products.

Moderno is a bakery made of two parents, two brothers and many collaborators. It is also a journey of care and awareness, of research and respect, in which bread means agriculture, territory, research, tradition and, most of all, sharing.

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