Cloud of pennyroyal with asparagus and sesame

Stefano Baiocco

For the cloud
1 l of fresh milk
100 g of glucose

For the pennyroyal foam
500 g of fresh cream
65 g of sugar
30 g of pennyroyal

White asparagus
Salt and sugar


Toasted sesame seeds
Mint and green shiso
Green tea


Heat the milk with the glucose in a saucepan, whisking energetically and trying to generate as much air as possible. Scoop off the froth on the surface with a spoon and leave it to dry in the oven at 45 °C for about 12 hours. You will obtain a very light milk crisp. Store.

For the foam, infuse the pennyroyal with the sugar and boiling cream, leave to cool and fill a siphon; leave to rest in the fridge for a few hours.

Clean the asparagus and leave in the salt and sugar for 30 minutes. Cook the asparagus in the t.p.t., leaving it crunchy.

Dressing the plate
Create a white cloud, alternating the foam with pieces of milk crisp, positioning them close to the asparagus scalded in the syrup. Complete with the toasted sesame seeds and the tips of mint and green shiso. Serve separately in an infusion of green tea.