Ciabattoni with oyster, onion, vinegar, seaweed juice and lavaret roe

Mauro Uliassi


Gerardo di Nola ciabattoni
chopped Tropea onions
sliced garlic
red wine vinegar
seaweed water
8 chopped oysters
fish stock
oyster water
extra virgin olive oil
lavaret roe



Cook the pasta for 9 minutes. Gently fry the garlic in the oil. Dampen with the vinegar. Allow the vinegar to evaporate and add the stock. Boil for 2 minutes and remove the garlic. Drain the ciabattoni and finish cooking them in a pan, flavouring with the oyster water.

Off the heat, add the oysters, seaweed water, chopped onion and freshly chopped parsley. Stir well, place on plates and top with the lavaret roe.

Add some freshly ground black pepper and serve immediately.