"Dirty" cuttlefish, aromatic herbs, cuttlefish liver and sea urchin water-ice

Mauro Uliassi

For 4 people

8 baby cuttlefish
55 g of sea urchins
50 g of baby cuttlefish livers
Cuttlefish ink carbon **
Aromatic herbs: red dead-nettle, chickweed, Roman mint, Chinese rhubarb, cress, oregano, water celery, sorrel, shepherd’s purse, “triplice verde”, matricaria camomile, ribwort plantain, wild lettuce, wild marine fennel, shiso, garlic chives, bristly ox-tongue

* for the vinaigrette
80 g of oil
30 g of sherry
2 g of salt

** for the cuttlefish carbon
Make a ciabatta loaf with cuttlefish ink. Break it and dry it in the oven. Crush it and sieve through a wide-mesh sieve. Toast the dry bread in a pan with garlic and oil.


Clean the herbs. Remove the beak and stomach from the cuttlefish, leaving the skin and liver. Rinse in water, cut into pieces, dress them with a little extra virgin olive oil and roast on the grill.
Blend the livers with half the sea urchins. Freeze the remaining half of the cuttlefish. When frozen, cut into cubes the size of a pea.

Place some liver sauce and sea urchins in a large bowl.
Sprinkle the aromatic herbs in the middle, dressed with a little salt, vinegar and oil. Add the pieces of roast cuttlefish and sea urchin water-ice.
Sprinkle with the cuttlefish carbon to lend interest to the dish.