Senigallia Fest baby squid and crab juice

Mauro Uliassi

For 4 people

2 cloves of garlic
chopped fresh parsley
roughly sieved bread
extra virgin olive oil
20 needle squid
1 dl of citronette (1 part lemon, 5 parts oil)
2 l of nitrogen
mountain coal



Push 5 baby squid onto 2 skewers for each person, rub them with garlic, dress with oil, salt and pepper and coat with the bread. Grill the kebabs over Sibillini mountain coal.
Place the citronette in a plastic dispenser with 2 cloves of garlic, blend and drizzle the citronette in the nitrogen, forming lots of tiny balls. Place the frozen citronette balls on the squid and serve immediately with a little chopped parsley.

For the crab juice
1 kg of clean crabs, steamed for 4 minutes and squeezed in a press.

Serve in a small, frosted glass with the grilled squid.